Here at Virt we are more than just a smoothie and juice shop. We use “Companies that Care! or because they are LOCAL or have very few/natural ingredients.  NO harmful ingredients The “Ella &  Milla” nail polish is a “non-toxic” nail polish line that is FREE of the 7 harmful toxins in MOST nail polish brands.

The “oral essentials” toothpaste and mouth wash uses natural ingredients & the ingredients have benefits to create a long -term solution for oral & whole body health- FREE of harmful ingredients and NO food dyes.  Most all mouth wash brands have food coloring in them that is why they are red, blue, green.  Oral Essentials is “CLEAR".

The candles “Botanica 805” are local girl from SLO; made with coconut wax, essential oils, chemical FREE cotton wicks, recycled glass containers, 100% organic cotton bags, & wildflower seed paper labels.